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About Dwayne

Chicago born Radio DJ Dwayne Wayne produced an award winning radio show on what was then “99.1FM” in the South Bend Indiana radio market (80 miles east of Chicago) that won broadcast awards for gaining incredible ratings among female listeners between the age of 18 and 34 (prime buying market in American advertising) as noted in the Arbitron reports.

During his career in America Dwayne went on to work for Emmis Communications, an American broadcast company owning top 10 market stations like Power 106 in Los Angeles, Q101 in Chicago and Hot 97 in New York. Working out of their world headquarters in Indianapolis, Dwayne Wayne was an on-air personality and producer for what was then “Radio Now 93.1FM”.

Club DJ, TokyoDwayne Wayne is providing DJ music services to a variety of themed and private parties throughout Tokyo. Venues range from private yachts to popular nightclub venues. Dwayne prides himself on giving party people in Tokyo a unique experience with Tokyo’s nightlife.

Dwayne mixes popular genres such as EDM, Popular Dance remixes, Hip Hop/R&B, Disco and Retro. He creates special remixes that can only be heard during his live performances.

Private Parties: Dwayne has performed at many private and special events at prestige venues such as Tokyo American Club, Stalleto, Legatos, Park Hyatt, Mercedes Connections and the U.S. Embassy residence campus.

Dwayne has also performed in unique locations like Yachts, cruise ships and roof-top parties. Venues in and around Tokyo include AGEHA, Womb, A-Life, Vanity Lounge (V2), Velour’s, Two Rooms, R2, Tusk, LE GA, Mixx Lounge, Super Deluxe, Le Baron, XEX, Enoshima Beach, the Peninsula and with DJ Kaori at Shower Lounge Plus. He DJ’d twice at the Facebook office in Roppongi Itchome.

Today Dwayne retains the largest music library in Japan holding every Billboard charted song between 1949 and today.